Surface tensile envelopes

Interwoven creative ideas

The degree of transparency and translucency of our tensile membrane can be adjusted according to use.
Solar heat gain can be managed with precision.

Tensile membranes can be delivered in a wide variety of shapes and colors that enables creativity of design: translucent roofs, perforated façades, curved and parabolic surfaces, smooth sides, faceted or straight edges, screen printing of graphics onto surfaces – all are available options.


Tensile textile membranes allow for the creation of volume using a minimal amount of material and energy. They offer shelter from inclement weather and have a low environmental impact.

When comparing the Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of textile membranes and metal or metal composite roofs, we find the following orders of magnitude:

Carbon footprint
Value in lb of CO2 equivalents to ft2 of covering


Fabric membrane : adapted to all climates ?

With their inner characteristics and resistances, and when properly designed and installed, fabric membranes are as well adapted to wet and hot tropical regions as well as cold and snowy northern regions:

+ Their tensile strength is about 8,000 kg/ml, more than 5300 lb/ft. Meaning you could lift a pickup truck with 1 square foot of membrane!!

+ They resist extreme winds and do not provoke additional damages in case of failure
+ Their smooth top coating accelerates evacuation of rainwater and snow
+ They are well adapted for seismic prone regions due to their flexibility and lightness
+ They are well adapted for coastal regions due to their stability in salt-rich air
+ They behave very well under fire: ASTM E84 Class A / NFPA 701 Test 2 / CAN ULC S109

Our expertise in textile architecture

A luminous and light architecture with high technical performances, used in many international works.

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Our envelopes

Tensile roofs

Tensile roofs add character to a building thanks to the fluidity and airiness of the forms created. They have become a hallmark of contemporary architecture. The geometry of a timber or steel frame used in conjunction with a membrane and combined with elegantly ancillary detailing elements, enable a vast array of architectural expressions to be obtained.
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Tensile façades

Tensile façades can be used to enhance your building’s architectural expression by combining adaptations of form, texture, translucency, colour, and printed graphics.
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ETFE films

Transparent or colored, ETFE films are primarily used to deliver striking transparent weatherproof roof coverings and façades that allow daylight to flood modern buildings with minimal use of material resources.
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