Sport and play

We promote a different way to practice sport, adapted to the chosen ones, by designing economical and ecological solutions that minimize energy consumption in use while keeping an adapted and optimal comfort for the users.

We design and construct high-quality structures that are economic and ecological in terms of investment and operation.

Our innovative solutions bring together sport and play in a responsive manner satisfying the needs of today as well as tomorrow.

Our construction expertise coupled with our knowledge of player need enables us to put forward solutions which deliver on the fundamental requirements of the ideal sports hall:

Visual comfort
Acoustic comfort
   Thermal comfort

To provide the best possible playing experience we pay particular attention to the nature of the surface on which players compete and expend their energy.

Our construction systems combine the best structure and claddings to create virtuous buildings:

  • Timber for the structural frame to store CO2
  • A tensile membrane roof to protect players from inclement weather and further minimising our environ­mental footprint.


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Our offer

Tennis & Racquet Sport

Soccer fields

Our comprehensive range of turnkey covered football solutions focuses on player comfort and enjoyment.
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Athletics halls

Athletics sports are usually practiced outdoors, and are often disrupted by the vagaries of climate and inclement weather.
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Boules Pitches

Highly sought after in the French market where playing boules is a national pastime, our boulodromes offer the highest of standards for playing all types of boules (petanque, boules Lyonais , Breton boules, Bocce, Provençale bowls, etc.) all year round.
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Grandstands are statement features within a stadium.
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Play areas

Our play areas are spaces for the whole family to come together to enjoy themselves. They allow parents and grandparents to accompany children as they explore the world.
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